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Predictive analysis makes for proactive business

Tracking test data isn’t going to be easy. Let’s face it. Few companies predicted they’d be facing a global pandemic that would drastically alter every aspect of their business projections. Even so, it happened. Now we must develop ways to accurately and proactively predict what seems unpredictable. Swimming with sharks was the cliche business professionals often fancied themselves submerged in. However, perhaps it’s the black swans invisibly circling all around us that pose a real threat.

Still maintaining day-to-day operations by clinging to legacy systems for job security? Avoiding the discomfort of change isn’t a lasting strategy. A mindset limited primarily to what’s happening “now” is pretty close to a sure bet your company will become obsolete. So, let’s get back to the discussion of the difficulties of tracking test data. Companies can’t shy away from these difficulties. In fact, medical labs that embrace technology with defined goals, optimism and open minded collaboration, are just the health facilities that businesses will be partnering with in the very near future.


Are Legacy lab information systems struggling to tell us something?

With the pandemic and slow test results, you’d think that technology hasn’t enhanced the lab process. The IoT or Internet of Things hastened the equipment connectivity happening slowly with mainframe computers in the late ’80’s. What hasn’t improved much is the personnel shortage.

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