Speedy Lab Results?

All eyes on accuracy?

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Do all labs lead to government partnerships?

The answer to this question might exists in both the position of yes, and abundantly no. But the better question might be, “Should all labs lead to government partnerships?” More importantly, is a push for speedy lab results compromising accuracy? If so, are responses to the pandemic based on meaningful data or simply the amount of data? Are laboratories in search of grants still willing to chime in on this topic? Furthermore, where do data analyst stand on this issue? Wait, mere journalists have no business posing such questions. After all, what could they possibly know about rushed lab results? Carry on, we wouldn’t want to risk closing any roads to Rome.


Tracking a virus in heavily populated areas with randomly moving targets.

Some believe we are on the right path and our focus should be on tracking random samplings of lab results tested within our communities and workplaces.

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