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Stuck in the dark ages?

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PPE procurement & distribution stuck in dark ages

It sure seems like the dark ages in the current medical procurement ecosystem, doesn’t it? PPE procurement doesn’t have to be this way. It shouldn’t be this way. In fact, let’s pivot this discussion to medical service solutions and begin battling the problem. Effective purchasing of personal protective equipment should flatten the frustration curve, especially during pandemic chaos.

This isn’t just a cute lead-in attempting to juxtapose clever stock photography with a workable headline to attract eyeballs from google during trying times. E-Procurement and punch out catalogs have long been a cost effective company procurement solution. Streamlining technology to standardize the purchasing processes has proven profitable for big business. Considering the countless government grants given to cope with emergencies, this pandemic seems worthy of the buying power leveraged by private businesses in our book. How ’bout yours?

Were you watching major television networks stack their lower thirds with scrolling screams for personal protective equipment? Would you be surprised to find that warehouses stocked with PPE might have been going to waste? Did national, state and local government truly have a single sourcing system that public and private companies could be certified with for quality control? What about private health systems? In the end, a review of PPE procurement during this pandemic could serve as a case study leading to vast improvements of procurement processes.


The condition of healthcare PPE procurement infrastructure

The hoops healthcare procurement teams have to jump through to protect their workers must not continue to be a deadly obstacle to the nation’s frontlines.

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  • Just how serious are PPE shortages

Just how serious are PPE shortages?

Early on, The U.S. was only able to domestically manufacture about 17% of the PPE needed throughout the country per month leading to a “wild-west” situation fraught with fraud and difficulties.

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