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Understanding Cost Components and What You Are Buying.

Initial Deployment and Configuration

When you place an order with SafelyBack, we start three parallel processes.

  • First, we order and pay for the first wave of test kits as well as the “capital equipment” of test processing and contact tracing hardware.
  • Second, we deploy our white-labeled Enterprise Management Portal tailored to your organization’s screening requirements and branding.
  • Third, we configure and deploy the contact tracing solution hardware to your sites and facilities.

Consumables Subscription

Test kits, lab supplies, PPE, and other consumables are bundled into a simple subscription service. SafelyBack monitors the global supply chain and secures commitments across 25 different acquisition streams.

We maintain our independence so we can collaborate and balance quality, availability, price, and your business needs.

We maintain our independence so we can collaborate and balance quality, availability, price, and your business needs. We consolidate those into a single payment simplifying the cost-benefit analysis.

Optional Components

Our diverse customer base frequently requires components that are unique to their situation. From mobile lab facilities to robotic arms and outsourced lab staff to culturally sensitive consumables, we have a ready pool of suppliers that can meet these business-specific needs.

You can focus on your business. As your needs change, we will change with you.

We will integrate your optional components into our existing payment and credit models. You can focus on your business. As your needs change, we will change with you.

Available Business Terms

How do you want to buy it?

Cash Terms

Global demand for COVID-19 screening and testing remains quite strong. Manufacturers and resellers demand payment in advance. Initial Deployment and Configuration fees and the projected first month consumables are due at contract close. We currently expect a typical order to arrive on site in 2-4 weeks. Subsequent orders should be made based upon monthly consumption projections and may advance or delay based upon rate of actual consumption.

Cost Offsets

SafelyBack helps our customers identify opportunities to reduce direct program expenses.* These Cost Offsets can come from public and private sector grants, as well as revenue generated from guest testing, third-party payments, and our Community Passport.

Cost Offsets generally take time to activate and often times lag behind actual expense payment timelines. Customers that are relying on offsets may benefit from taking advantage of our Credit Terms for enhanced cash management purposes. Further, SafelyBack simplifies revenue-based offsets with payments integrated in the mobile apps and cloud portal.

Credit Terms

SafelyBack Credit Terms may be available to qualified customers. They eliminate out-of-pocket Initial Deployment and Configuration costs and defer the cost of the Consumables Subscription for 30, 60, or 90 days. With Credit Terms, you can get the program launched while having the time needed to access cash and/or Cost Offsets. Credit Terms require a one-year contract, a minimum Consumables Subscription, and an acceptable guarantee against contract default.

Credit Details for CFOs and Treasurers

  • 1-year term, with monthly minimum purchase requirement
  • Title to equipment transfers to customer when contract is satisfied
  • No finance charges on 30, 60, or 90-day credit terms for all amounts due under a Consumables Subscription
  • Consumables’ prices (including screening materials) are subject to adjustment based upon market conditions and availability
  • Monthly invoice for contract shortfalls
  • Penalty for early cancellation or failure to meet minimum purchase requirement
  • No-cost initial deployment and configuration with qualifying contract
  • Option for revolving line of credit for ultra-high volume test purchases

*SafelyBack does not provide risk or investment management services, financial, tax, legal, accounting, medical, or any other form of professional advice that would require licensure or other professional certification.

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