Processing Tests At The Edge Is A Paradigm Shift

SafelyThrive is a proprietary, comprehensive program implemented to ensure areas keep thriving by adopting proactive medical technology, providing turn-around testing, leveraging agile labs and accessing on-time supplies. We bring surge supplies, testing kits infrastructure and a truly unique technical solution to the people with an understanding that pre-contagious detection is key.

Prepare To Thrive

Empower Communities To Thrive

SafelyThrive is an all-in-one solution for communities, campuses, businesses and populated areas of any type. Speak with SafelyThrive to implement a comprehensive, empowering system that evolves to remain relevant for a variety of future threats. SafelyThrive understands that safety is an investment not an acquisition. Our subject matter experts are here to handle safety issues so others can focus on returning to their passions.

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SafelyThrive Mobile App Build

Mobile App & Portal Management

At safelyBack, we first took a step back and listened to front line medical workers to identify the gaps in unmanaged testing. Then we methodically built a fully-integrated, cyclical screening solution using pre-contagious detection for risk reduction. The SafelyBack mobile app and enterprise portal are integrated for cyclical COVID screening, adverse event notification, and fine-grained contact tracing. Flexible to support new tests, multi-step protocols, and emerging vaccines. Tailored role-based testing, guest solutions, and cost recovery tools. Privacy-by-design provides high-integrity identity and user-mediated sharing where possible.

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Concerns With Single Event Tests

Understanding that such tests only represent a single point in time, they lack the continuity that pre-contagious, cyclical detection provides. To truly mitigate risk and break the cycle of infection SafelyBack employs a method called Asymptomatic Contagious Onset Risk Delay (ACORD). Our objective is to screen individuals within the enterprise at a frequency that if an individual contracts COVID after a negative test, there is a reduced risk of that individual being contagious before their next test. During their subsequent cyclical test, the individual should screen COVID positive. They can be quarantined sooner with a lower likelihood of contagious exposure to the rest of the enterprise.

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Single Event Test
Symptom Questions Detection

Limitations Of Symptom Questions

As we know, temperature checks and symptom questions alone will not detect the asymptomatically contagious. Our mobile app and portal manage cyclical screening to help customers maximize pre-contagious detection of the targeted disease or health threat. On premise earlier detection and quarantine of an individual within an organization reduces secondary infection risk. The app and portal work together under strict privacy controls to drive retests, compliance, and control access.

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Tracing And Proximity Awareness

Because no enterprise is constrained to a protected “bubble”, mobile notifications of potential risk are critical. In most cases, it is unrealistic to assume that individuals in the enterprise won’t have contact with potentially infected persons that aren’t part of the enterprise screening program. Middle school students will go home, college student will have their boyfriends and girlfriends visit, guests on voyage will be expected to interact with locals during a port visit, and tourists.

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SafelyThrive Tracing

After The Threat?

Your investment in SafelyBack lasts well beyond the current global health crisis. 100% of your investment in the hardware and software that drive SafelyBack becomes the cornerstone of continuing and much-needed health and safety critical infrastructure for your business or community. customers are encouraged to continue using the PCR testing devices, keeping them on standby for fast-response when a new health threat arises. PCR systems are not limited to screening for a specific disease. They are able to provide health surveillance and vector control for tuberculosis, Zika, dengue, and chikungunya, malaria, west Nile, and encephalitis.

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SafelyThrive Infrastructure


Project Scope