PCR Pooled Testing Tailored To Your Specific Needs

SafelyThrive helps you build a continuous screening process for employees and guests. You set the frequency of tests, symptom questionnaires, forehead temperatures or on-site tracing guidelines to have complete control over your program’s paramaters and rules. Based on your specific needs, we’ll work with you to establish a seamless infrastructure to ensure you have the proper quantity counts of test Kits that make sense for your business.

Med Kit Mouth Swab

Various Specimen Collection Test Kits

We source specimen collection kits with the highest quality standards created and shipped from sterile facilities. Therefore, every collection kit is designed for accuracy and ease of use. Made in the US, these test kits will include sterile nasopharyngeal swabs with MicroGrip technology. In addition, FDA compliant Ready-To-Use viral transport media is included. If preferred, self-administered saliva specimen collection kits are also an option. Above all, this easy self-collection of high-quality DNA and RNA from oral samples allows you to increase access to vital testing for those who need it most.

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Test Kits Consistently Manufactured To Spec

Looking for a flexible manufacturer of COVID test kits, medical packs or even procedure trays? Procuring these supplies for businesses, schools or hospitals? Need test kits tailored to your individual needs? Consistent, efficient and reliable, we’ll connect you with clinical staff ready to assist with product review and analysis. Stay ahead of the latest market changes. Keep up with new product offerings and regulations. Prevent outages, overstock and underused components. With industry-leading turnaround time, rest assured your staff will have a continual, consistent supply of test kits. In other words, prepare for efficient, quality patient care.

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Medical Kits & Surgical Trays

Providing Quality, Efficient Patient Care?

With industry-leading turnaround time, rest assured your staff will have a continual supply of consistent test kits for quality, efficient patient care.