Medical Tech Enhances Safety Across Industries.

SafelyThrive gives you a platform to safely yet rapidly remove infected employees or students from your building, hopefully before they are contagious. Once in place use your process and rules to govern access to your facilities. SafelyThrive is easily tailored to your specific needs. Furthermore, don’t wait for quality control to become a bigger issue before embracing new safety & health tech. Is your industry leveraging the latest technology to streamline critical processes? Let us help you navigate the medical technology landscape.

Pandemic Sparks New Medical Tech

When you least expect it, even during the middle of a global pandemic, solutions emerge out of necessity. The latest tracking and reporting systems are no longer optional. Alerts and accurate results are expected in near real time.

Industries Streamline Safety workflows

The SafelyBack mobile app engages users, assists them with sticking to cyclical screening activities and provides them with real measures linking compliance, risk management and control of contagious spread when somebody does get infected. In addition our LIMS system can effortlessly streamline lab workflows increasing efficiency and profitability with seamless integration. Test orders and results are securely transferred from laboratory instruments to medical record systems (EMR) and applications.

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LIMS Dr. Reviews Results
LIMS Coder - Laboratory Information Management Systems

Get Critical App Alerts & Rapid Reports

Medical professionals in addition to business administrators can easily gather data for a large number of patients, employees or students in near real-time, improving patient care. Mobile tracking application, admin dashboards and LIMS systems help all industries process more tests and provide accurate, quick results to those who need them most while remaining HIPAA compliant.

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